OPen Mic Night Oct. 2021

Music Generation Laois & Mountmellick Community School, through Laois Connects Positive Mental Health initiative, present:

Online Open Mic Night for all Laois Secondary Schools –Oct 2021

For young people age 12-18, living in Laois or attending secondary school in Laois

Solo artists, duets, bands welcome to apply

Submit a video of your original music (1min-4min) to

Use wetransfer to send large files Deadline – 5pm, Friday 22 October 2021

Selection of videos will be streamed on Thursday 28 Oct @ 7pm on the Music Generation Laois youtube channel

Prizes available for videos that ooze creativity and originality

All genres welcome


Music Generation Laois & Mountmellick Community School presents an Online Open Mic Night for young people aged 12-18/ secondary school students living in Co. Laois or attending secondary school in Co. Laois 

Submit a video of your original music songs/tunes/compositions/raps/electronic music. Videos will be reviewed by Music Generation Laois and Mountmellick Community School, and a selection of videos will then be live-streamed at the Online Open Mic Night on THURSDAY 28 OCTOBER @ 7pm on the Music Generation Laois YouTube Channel, as part of Laois Connects 2021.

Videos should make some reference to the theme of Laois Connects 2021 – ‘Mental Health in an Unequal World’ – this might be in the lyrics, or simply reference the theme in your introduction

What we need: a video of at least 1-minute duration and no more than 4 minutes, filmed in landscape (side-e-ways) showing you perform your musical creation. For electronic music videos you are welcome to submit visuals to accompany your music. 


In the video, please include, your name, age, where you are from, and if your music does not reference the theme of ‘Mental Health in an Unequal World’ then tell us why the theme is important to you, in your video introduction.

What kind of music creations: Perform a tune/song you composed; a rap you created; electronic music you created or even a series of sounds created by you using objects from your home … 

Any genre – pop, rock, jazz, funk, soul, dance, techno, trad, folk, contemporary, world, gospel…etc.

All entries will be viewed by a panel of professional musicians from Music Generation Laois and Mountmellick Community School. This panel of professional musicians will choose a selection of entries to be showcased at the Open Mic Night on the 28 October 2021. We also have 2 prizes available for entries that ooze originality and musical creativity, prize-winners will be announced on the night. 

1st  Prize: For up and coming musicians from Co. Laois! Win 1 year’s free music lessons in Music Generation Laois. Open to young musicians age 12-18 and living in Co. Laois or attending secondary school in Co. Laois.


2nd Prize: €150 Anthem Music Voucher


3rd Prize: €50 Anthem Music Voucher


Age 12- 18, secondary school students living in Co. Laois or attending secondary school in Co. Laois 

Bands, duets, solo artists all welcome
Original music (Original music only, created by the young person/young people in the video) 

Quality video with good lighting and audio 

You must introduce yourself at the beginning of the video – first/band name and where you are from, e.g. I’m Mary, and I’m from Portlaoise. For electronic music with visuals, we can add credits if you need help. 

Filmed in landscape 

Video duration is between 1 and 4 minutes 

Parents/ family members can assist in making the video 

Email your videos to Music Generation Laois, 
For large files we recommend you send videos by wetransfer. We will send you an email to acknowledge receipt of your entry. Label your file properly with your name, and the title of your entry, e.g. ‘Joe Bloggs – Master of the Sea ‘
Include your name, DOB, home address, parent/guardian phone number in your email and the title of your piece. 
Deadline for entries, Friday 22 October @ 5pm


Some Tips for Making Videos 
• Film at eye level if you can. i.e. do not film from a height looking down 
• Don’t film outside unless you have a really still day. The mic will pick up wind and ruin your film. 
• Don’t use digital zoom, i.e. don’t zoom in and out. Keep it fixed. 
• Don’t flip camera upside down when filming. 
• Use natural lighting indoors if filming, i.e. let the light from the window flood your face. 
• Use bedside lamps etc to help light the face 
• Don’t use filters on the video – leave it natural. 
• Leave 10 secs of silence at start and end of video clip. i.e. don’t press record and start talking straightaway. Leave time at the start and end. 


Further Details on the prize

1st Prize:  1 year free lessons in a Music Generation Laois group music class in Laois Music Centre, instruments will be provided for the year (September 2020-May 2021), standard refundable security deposit payable on instrument hire, consistent attendance required upon sign-up as per the terms and conditions of MGL student enrolment. 

2nd Prize: €150 Anthem Music Voucher (Cannot be redeemed for cash).

3rd Prize: €50 Anthem Music Voucher (Cannot be redeemed for cash).